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What Makes Cork Floor Tiles Right For You?

Cork tiles can be an affordable alternative to traditional hardwoods or carpets if you're seeking a more natural aesthetic.

Providing the highest quality cork tiles available, Treefloor is a cost-effective and easy way to live more sustainably without sacrificing comfort or style.

If you're a future-minded, budget-conscious homeowner looking for the best value and sustainability, you'll love this product.
So if you're looking for a natural insulator, that is durable and long-lasting, then look no further, this cork will keep your floors looking good-as-new for years to come.
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But Why Cork?

Since 2013, TreeFloor has been providing high-quality cork tiles, with a wide variety of uses from flooring to crafts. Our expert team is on hand to provide you with advice or guidance that you may need to perfect the use and installation of your cork tiles. Now, the mission of TreeFloor continues, to provide sustainable cork tile solutions that will be easy to install, and will provide an aesthetically pleasing look for your home.
Cork: A Sustainable Alternative
As a wood product, cork originates from trees. However, unlike traditional wood products, cork is harvested without cutting down or damaging the tree, making them a naturally sustainable and renewable source.
How is cork harvested?
It might interest you to know that cork trees can be harvested multiple times within the natural life cycle of the tree (200-300 years).

As cork can only be harvested by hand, it requires a dedicated and skilled workforce. This means that cork harvesters are some of the highest-paid agricultural workers in the world.
Environmentally Friendly
As cork oak trees begin to grow back their bark, they naturally remove CO² from the environment, which stays locked within the cork, even when harvested. This process locks away an average of 55kgs of CO² from the atmosphere per 1kg of cork produced. To put this into perspective, the largest ever cork oak tree harvest was a whopping 1200kg!
All Treefloor products are made from 100% Natural Cork.
As well as being environmentally friendly, Cork forests are also very biodiverse, helping to form and retain natural habitats for many threatened animal and plant species that do not thrive anywhere else.

Our cork tile solutions are easy to install and provide an aesthetically pleasing style for your home.
A Natural Insulator
Cork is a natural insulator and Treefloor’s natural cork tiles are no different. So whether you are trying to ensure your room stays a little warmer, or sound-proof a space, cork is a smart choice.
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Low Cost

High-quality natural unsealed cork tiles with a low price-tag


Enabling you to make the greener choice when upgrading your home


Providing great thermal and soundproofing benefits
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