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Natural Cork

Low Cost

High-quality natural unsealed cork tiles with a low price-tag


Enabling you to make the greener choice when upgrading your home


Providing great thermal and soundproofing benefits

Need Help?

Installation Guide

A complete step-by-step guide, ensuring you unlock the full thermal and soundproofing potential of your cork tiles, helping you to unlock their full value.

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Our Clients Feedback

"Perfect Product"
A very well made product. Quick delivery.
"Great Product"
Bought for professional hobbyist use and I must say it's really great. I'm using it and its really perfect. The amount is enough for me for a few years but I think if I need again I will regain it. Very timely delivery, excellent price/quality.
"Great Cork Sheets"
Was exactly what I needed, fast shipping, great quality and price.
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