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Cork tiles can be an affordable alternative to traditional hardwoods or carpets if you're seeking a more natural aesthetic.

Providing the highest quality cork tiles available, Treefloor is a cost-effective and easy way to live more sustainably without sacrificing comfort or style.

If you're a future-minded, budget-conscious homeowner looking for the best value and sustainability, you'll love this product. So if you're looking for a natural insulator, that is durable and long-lasting, then look no further, this cork will keep your floors looking good-as-new for years to come.
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Looking to a More Sustainable Future

As a company, Treefloor is passionate about retaining an aesthetically pleasing style, while moving towards a more sustainable future.

We chose cork for that reason. As a wood product, cork originates from trees. However, unlike traditional wood products, cork is harvested without cutting down or damaging the tree, making them a naturally sustainable and renewable source.
Made From Real Cork
At 4mm thick, TreeFloor cork tiles are the perfect addition to your project whether flooring or crafting. Independently tested and fully certified by TUV NORD. You can rest assured that you will have a long-lasting and stylish solution for your home.

TreeFloor provides a versatile solution that can be used for projects beyond flooring, with this product, the potential is virtually limitless and could be used in projects such as:

  • Pinboards
  • Decorations
  • DIY projects
  • Modelling
Every cork tile we produce is from a sustainable source, so you can get a high-quality product and know you are doing your bit for the planet too.

TreeFloor's tiles are a natural insulator, offering both thermal and sound-proofing benefits - as it absorbs noise, impacts and shocks.
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Why Choose TreeFloor?

Part of the Boulder Developments Ltd. Group

As part of Boulder Developments Ltd., we have a team of technical experts dedicated to saving energy, becoming more eco-efficient, working towards sustainability, and helping you offset your carbon footprint.

We work together with our partners, SuperFOIL and Ventilation Megastore to further this goal.

Insulation solutions for your project
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Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery solutions
Boulder Developments Ltd.
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Low Cost

High-quality natural unsealed cork tiles with a low price-tag


Enabling you to make the greener choice when upgrading your home


Providing great thermal and soundproofing benefits
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